Vylon® Pipe

The Vylon® product line consists of Vylon Pipe and Vylon Slipliner.

Vylon Pipe is a closed profile, PVC sanitary sewer pipe made in 21” through 54” diameters.  Produced since 1987, millions of feet of our standard PS 46 pipe have been installed all across the country.  In the spirit of continuous innovation, Vylon 75 was developed to meet the rapidly growing market demand for a higher stiffness, higher performing product, which not only is stronger but also has double the impact resistance of previous Vylon products.

Vylon Slipliner Pipe has a flush coupling design for the rehabilitation of existing sewers. As a low cost alternative to dig and replace, Vylon Slipliner Pipe allows the lining of a live sewer with a completely new pipe without the cost of bypass pumping.

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